My wife wants to take weight gainer supplement?

My wife is 5″8-9″ weighs 110lbs
I want to put her on a weight gainer supplement. It helped her 14 years when she had a similar problem. But she also takes iron pills for her anemia “feramax 150mg” so my question is can I still give her a weight gainer supplement if it has 10% or 14% iron, without harm. If yes is their a maximum % or mg? Thank you


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  1. Hi..
    No, I would not advise you to give her any supplement without proper assessment and advise by her doctor as he knows her proper haemoglobin and iron levels in body..
    After proper assurance only any supplement should be given..

    Hope this helps..


  2. To gain weight it is better to consult a Dietitian and get a proper diet plan formulated and along with regular exercise..

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