4 Comments on “X ray report indicates that I have sacralization of L5?

  1. Treatment is usually depending on manifestations but generally physical therapy is a good choice of treatment in this case..strengthening of back and abdominal muscles and stretching of iliopsoas and lower back muscles.

  2. Is it unilateral or bilateral ?
    Physical therapy will 100 % fix the problem for now but in the long run pain will keep coming back , so i recommend surgical separation of the sacralization followed by physical therapy

    Good Luck

  3. Anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants for back pain, swelling, inflammation.
    Manual therapy, muscle or radicular technique if appropriate
    Physiotherapy for low back pain, weakened muscles, sciatic nerve pain, nerve symptoms and spinal traction in certain cases. “Use of lumbar belt or corset” to reduce pain, inflammation and reduce movement to protect back muscles as advised by physician.
    Exercises for strengthening and stretching of back muscles depending on the condition should be followed as advised. Training of proper use of back and abdominal muscles can help in keeping the back muscles strong and flexible.

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  4. hi
    this is a congenital developmental condition and nothing much can be done about it.
    it will not cause any major issues in your life except for some degree of low back pain.
    surgery won’t help much.
    back strengthening exercises and physiotherapy whenever required,is the best protocol.

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