Woke up with my upper left arm in pain?

35 year old Female
A year ago: Woke up with my upper left arm in pain. (where the deltoid and the bicep meet) At first, it felt similar to the feeling of a body part “falling asleep”. The pain progressed rapidly. On a scale of one to ten I experienced a ten. The pain was so deep, as if I was being tortured from inside my arm, that I could not use my whole left arm. Shooting down to my fingers. I immediately took ibuprofen about 1500 milligrams. Once the pills took the pain away I was exhausted from the pain and my arm was sore. No trauma or surgeries. All I can think of is I do sleep with my arm raised above my head. But I never had problems sleeping that way before. 6 months later it was happening again. Same arm same spot. Although the second time I immediately took ibuprofen. Almost a year later after the second incident I experienced it again. Except the pain was now affecting the right upper arm. Same pain same spot. Opposite arm. This third time was about a week ago.

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  1. hi
    this may be due to tendinitis or nerve compression in the cervical spine.
    get a MRI done to confirm.
    agressive physio,analgesic muscle relaxants with pregabalin tablets will be helpful.

  2. Hi there
    In my opinion you should do a cervical MRi to check for thoracic inlet syndrome , C4/5 ,C5/6 discs and spondylitis
    You may also need a nerve conduction study , to pin point the problem area and other possibilities

    Good Luck

  3. Mostly you are suffering cervical spondylosis or disc bulge. At c5 c6 level
    Get a xray and MRI done.
    An orthopedist can prescribe you good medications and I recommend physiotherapy as safe and effective treatment .

  4. may be upper limb neuroradiculopathy.
    anti inflammatory tablets will help.
    if not,get MRI neck done

  5. Do Cervical MRI …

    Continue using antiinflammatory drugs

    Visit physiotherapist ASAP

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