Why do so many suicides fail before the age of 25?

Why do so many suicides fail before the age of 25? Is it easier to die after 25 because the body starts slowing down? Why do so many attempted suicides fail? Is it because people are stupid and they dont know how to do it? Also

(seperate question) i have a big obsession with being famous and i will do almost anything to acquire it like pretend i was kidnapped and tell Nine news about it just so im talked about. WHy is it so bad to have that as a goal? to be famous just to be famous. I even wanted to date a guy just because he had a big status. he was a rugby player. Please dont tell me boring shit like see a psychologist. I already have mate. they tell me that i want approval but i want you to tell me why i really wanna be famous? I will do about anything to acquire it. except for killing someone. that goes a bit too far.

Age: 21
Medications: NONE

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  1. Hello. Your questions are separate however they seem to be related. Your obsession with being famous (with approval) is somewhat a product of the society we live in. Our collective obsession with stars, celebrities, wealthy individuals (etc.) promulgated by ever increasing media has become unhealthy. So it is quite normal for a young person to want to “fit in” by pursuing fame. Media is creating this obsession with fame, with the need for approval. But what is worrisome and problematic is what individuals are now ready to do to acquire it. Seeking approval should be based on your personal values and not what is imposed on you by external sources – media. Wanting to become famous (like the rich and famous on TV) is actually just following the crowd and not being unique. A sense of personal value comes from your own positive actions and positive contributions.

    As far as suicide failures are concerned, in my opinion, high rates of failure are due to mixed feelings and intentions – down deep, we know life has value. Yes, I need to recommend you consult with a therapy professional who can help with your mixed emotions and feelings. Only a mental health professional can assist with the issues you are struggling with at this point in your life. Hope this helps. Regards

  2. These are very deep questions: what makes life worth living? And for whom are we living this life?

    We might tend to seek external approval by vehicles such as fame, infamy,or celebrity status. But usually these sources of approval are geared toward satisfying other people’s expectations of what constitutes a successful person.
    Younger people tend to fall into this trap to a greater extent than older people simply because they have not lived long enough to witness the emptiness of these external markers of success. With time, you will find what is really important to you in life and focus on that for your own satisfaction, and not for the approval of others.

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