Question: White discharge from my vagina

I have white discharge from my vagina and white discharge underneath my clitoral hood. And my vagina has a pungent odour. My clitoris feels like it is tingling or throbbing all the time. I started taking metronidazole and a probiotic supplement called enterogermina. After the first dose of both metronidazole and enterogermina I started having urgency to pee. I feel like I have to pee frequently. My urine does not have a strong odour and it is not cloudy and has a normal light straw colour. I was wondering if urgency to urinate may be a symptom of bacterial vaginosis or if it may be a side effect of metronidazole or enterogermina?

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  1. hi..
    it may be due to some amount of urinary tract infection,that has occured secondary to vaginal infection..
    for vaginal infection, i would suggest you to use vaginal anti fungal pessary to be inserted locally.

    also take anti fungal tablets for 3 days.
    maintain good vaginal hygiene

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