When I shower, I break out in red “bumps” across my chest, abdomen, shoulders, and back?

When I shower, I break out in red “bumps” across my chest, abdomen, shoulders, and back. I also noticed this after I went for a run outside with no shirt. At first, it was just a small patch, and it did not itch, burn, or anything, so for a while I was not concerned; now it is spreading all over my upper body.

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  1. Hi
    This is heat rash from blocking in sweat ducts, apply a good skin moisturizer it should go away
    It is nothing serious
    Good Luck

  2. Pitryasis versicolor mostly , or could be eczema if severely itchy

    I recommend yo use soothing agents and if still, use mild potency steroids

  3. hi,
    this is a mild variety of eczema.
    apply anti histaminic creams with steroid base.
    do not scratch or apply anything warm.

  4. Hi..
    Looks like allergic rash and bumps.
    Does it itch severely or occurs after applying any specific soap or detergent?

    Try changing the soap you use, take benadryl and apply caladryl lotion..

    Hope this helps..

  5. I suppose that is either fungal infection or allergic dermatitis, may be you used someone’s else towel or washing loaf ..
    Did you?

  6. It was not there before the shower??
    Is it itchy or not??

    Coz it’s more common to be heat rash as my colleague said …
    This is self limiting condition

  7. I had that, my dermatologist said it was a non harmful yeast on the ski , had to pay for expensive cream which ended up being antifungal cream, apply it for a few days and it goes away. You can get antifungal cream at the dollar store or buy the cheapest brand at any store.

  8. I have the same thing but mine isn’t red it’s dry n itchy it comes out more when I sweat

  9. I have the same issue and it really lowers my self asteam and my insecurities are going through the roof. What mositerisers should I use I need this gone

  10. I have the same problem, I am a female. It is located under my breasts, on my breasts, lower back, and upper abdomen. It originated on my lower back. My family doctor keeps saying it’s a fungal infection and giving me a cream for it but it does not seem to go away. I’ve been dealing with this for about a year… any answers would be super helpful…

  11. Hi tiffany you describe the same situation i had. Took some pills against fungus for a few.months. i ak not sure if it stopped the fungus. But the rush still stays. Sometimes it is realy red..other times it is it is barely visible. Dont know what to do. Two doctors says it is fungus and will go away..and it doesnt!

  12. Hi,
    I have similar spots like this that started on my back and have made their way abdomen. However, they’re brownish and I’m wondering if that’s because of my skin color (I’m brown) or if it’s something else?

  13. I have the same thing. I buy an anti dandruff shampoo with selenium sulphite in it (called Selsun) from the pharmacy and wash myself in it every day. It goes after 4-5 days. Returns every month or two.

  14. I have the same problem for years. Started in my early 20s and now I’m almost 35 and it’s out of control. It’s went from a few small red dots on the top of my back to my hole back covered. It’s also all over my stomach and arms and going up my neck. The doctors have Said it’s tinea versicolor and I’ve followed their advice with medications and it hasn’t helped. I’ve used creams and dandruff shampoo and even pills. I feel like it might be something new that they don’t have a treatment for. But it’s is just as he described. They get very red and noticeable after a shower or a sweaty activity. If anyone have knowledge of a treatment of product that would help I would be really great full.

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