What could cause severe groin pain?

What could cause severe groin pain. 55yr old female, with 3 scoliosis surgery at 12, 17, 21yrs. (in the 1970’s) Harrington rod put in , taken out and third surgery was bone taken from my hip and fused to lower spine.
Some hip pain when weather is bad but the groin pain is extreme. Pain started in my mid 40’s beginning periodically at night when I was in bed. But groin pain is happening now at least 4 days a week, very sharp and it is not like the ache I get in my hip from time to time.

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  1. In my opinion The possibilities are more related to musculoskeletal disorder.. Osteoporotic changes or osteopenia..
    Have you checked your hip bone density level?
    Do you have enlarged lymph nodes?

  2. In my opinion you have sever hip osteoarthritis , however this sharp pain is not common so i recommend you do a hip x ray to check for femur head avascular necrosis

    Good Luck

  3. You are suffering osteoarthritis ma’ am

    U ‘ll need several lines of managment
    Physiotherapy, pain killers, reducevyour weight if you are overweight, upto corticosteroids

    Best regards

  4. hi
    this pain does not seem to be related to the old surgeries that you have had.
    enlarged lymph nodes,iliopsoas muscle strain seem to be the possibilities.
    get a Xray and ultrasound of hip done.

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