We’re trying to have a baby, here are semen test results?

Hello Doctor, My name is (…) and my age is 28, I’m married for past 4 months, me and my wife were trying to have a baby, but in these four months nothing have happened. with a doubt in my mind i had gone to test my semen. My semen analysis report says: Colour – Opaque Grey ; Reaction – Alkaline ; Total Sperm Count – 1.8 million/ml ; Agglutination – Not Present ; Actively Motile – 40% ; sluggish motile – 20% ; non motile – 40% ; normal forms – 45% ; abnormal forms – 55% ; pus cells 8-10/hpf ; RBCs – 0-1/hpf ; epithelial cells 1-3/hpf ; fructose – positive.

Kindly advise me whether my sperm count is ok to conceive a baby OR i should go for treatment straight away OR shall i try out for some time. If you say to try out for some other time means kindly advise for how much time should i try before going to doctor.

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  1. Hi
    The numbers are low to conceive, i recommend starting treatment immediatly , also your report does not show the white blood cells count

    Good Luck

  2. Your sperm count is very low which will need a treatment…
    In my opinion you should start with some life style modifications
    Stop (or reduce) smoking tobacco Stop marijuana use Stop (or reduce) drinking alcohol Stop using any anabolic steroids (including any testosterone supplements)
    Reduce stress and practice regular exercise..
    Lose extra weight ..
    Healthy diet cholesterol free
    Usually we need the sperm count higher than 20million to start IVF and over 40million and 50%motility to get natural conceiving.
    Start by life style modification for 2-3months and redo the test…
    If you got better results then it is OK depending on the count ..
    If nothing changed I recommend starting medical treatment ..
    Sperm motility is also low but not so much they should be 50% …

  3. hi,
    compared to normal range,the count is pretty low.
    need to get it high for good results.
    yoga,meditation,de-stressing and healthy and nutritious diet should help.

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