Want to Die – Despair, Sadness, and Hopelessness

Want to Die

In the moments of “Want to Die” despair, sadness, and hopelessness, we all want relief from these worldly sufferings. Everyone tends to die to stop this pain and these devastating feelings itching inside us. We perceived suicide as a solution to eliminating earthly woes and difficult times thought to be unresolvable.

Everybody has been gone through difficult times. We all have seen depressing, stressed, and overwhelmed moments. Anxiety, panic attacks, and much more. In these lowest times, our minds are being dominated by disillusioning thoughts preventing us from feeling hopeful. Our thoughts are being clouded by despair, monotony, and anxiety. The only solution to end these devastating feelings we see is suicide.

But there is an argument that says this is a sign of hope. The truth is we don’t want to end our life; we only want to end our pain. We want relief from physical, mental, emotional, and environmental situations. And suicide is a permanent solution to our temporary problems. It is empowering to think that suicide is an option, and no one can take that choice from you, but as someone who has gone through what you’re going through, I have to tell you something.

“Tough times don’t last; tough people do.”

All the difficulties and sufferings you go through makes you even more courageous and braver. These difficulties you face are nature’s way of teaching you something. Everything that happened to you is for some good reasons. Maybe you don’t understand them now, but surely one day when you look back, you’ll understand. Accept it now, understand them later.’

Want to Die

“Nature Is Healing”

Change is inevitable. Nothing lasts forever. As good days go, so do the bad days. You see, when you get a cut on your skin first, it hurts but then slowly and steadily, it starts healing, and in some days, there’s no mark or bruise. All fades away with time. Another important thing is your belief that it’ll indeed heal with time, and it happened.

Whatever temporary pain and suffering you are going through, you will transcend it. It’s already happened; you have to walk the path patiently.

Don’t Want to Die? Things to do to avoid suicidal thoughts:

  • Make small or big goals:

Setting goals will make you feel like your life is worth living. Every day, you have a reason to jump out of your bed and conquer something. Remember, you may have the bad, so you love the good days more.

  • Write how you feel:

Sometimes, writing about how you think is the only way to express yourself. Write about what you think and deep down believe that one day it’ll all going to be okay.

  • Patience:

When suicidal thoughts come up, your only job is to keep yourself safe until the pain fades away. Don’t be hard on yourself. One day you’ll look back and realize you have made it.

  • Seek therapy:

Depression is normal, and it’s normal to go through these evil days. There is a chemical imbalance, and for this, you can seek help on a clinical basis.

  • Remind yourself of reasons to live:

Your life is precious. The way you are feeling right now, you’ll not always feel that way. One needs more courage to live than to kill, and you are braver than you think. Remind yourself of all the reasons that make you feel hopeful.

  • Plant a seed of hope:

Your thoughts are precious. They are like a seed that grows into a whole plant. Observe your thoughts and take charge of them. What you think is what you see. Think hopefully that better days are coming.

  • Fight back:

Take control of your mind, and don’t let your mind take control over you. Deny your thoughts and refused to give in; stand up and fight back.

Don’t die selfish; give yourself a chance to fight back.