Uncontrollable shaking of the body from the neck down?

8.00pm uncontrollable shaking of the body from the neck down to the hips. Body and brain wants to explode. No balance when I stand up. Have a history of Pagets Disease in the lower lombar region. Aged 90+ omly take caltrate and Vit.D This pain etc. has eased somewhat and it is now 10.30 am. Do I need medical attention ?

Age: 90+
Medications: Caltrate and Vit.D
General Information: Not as yet. I do have a reaction sometimes when spraying acrylics which I did yesterday.

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  1. HI
    These seem like tremors.
    It could be due to Parkinson disease,a stroke or multiple sclerosis ,hereditary disorders involving the cerebellum, such as Friedreich ataxia and spinocerebellar ataxias or Psychogenic tremor .See a neurologist soon and get investigated .take care
    Hope it helps.

  2. Hi..
    Yes, you need to get checked.
    It can be a sign of stroke..
    Can be related to many other conditions like Parkinsonism, M.S etc..
    So once consult an Emergency room and get evaluated..
    An MRI and blood test can be done for confirmation..

    Hope this helps..


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