Typhoid Symptoms

typhoid symptoms

Typhoid Symptoms are a category of fever caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria; it Is not common in industrialized countries, but it seems very dangerous in developing countries, especially for kids. It can be spread due to food exchange and water through your surroundings, who have this disease and are infected with typhoid. Most people can treat it with antibiotics and can recover within a few days. But some people can also die due to complications in this fever. Vaccines of typhoid are available, but it is mostly reserved for those people who may be suspected or travel the countries where typhoid is common.

Causes of Typhoid:

the most dangerous bacteria is Salmonella typhi. Salmonella typhi combines with the bacteria, and then it will be responsible for salmonellosis; severe other stomach pains are not included in typhoid.

Symptoms of Typhoid:

In every disease, there are two types of symptoms that occur, early symptoms and later symptoms. Typhoid has two kinds of signs, which help the patient to cure earlier.

Early Typhoid Symptoms:

  •  Headache, dry cough
  •  Fever increase daily
  •  Abdominal pain and rashes
  •  Weakness and constipation

 Later Typhoid Symptoms:

  •  Exhausts eyes
  •  Motionless condition
  •  Delirious condition
  •  Half-closed eyes


Being a human being, every person is responsible for their own lives. If you see any symptoms and abnormal behaviors in your body you must visit the doctor or inform the concerned persons for treatment or find a cause. Because every disease after crossing line become death threaten and typhoid is one of them.