5 Comments on “These bumps have been in the back of my throat for about a month?

  1. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Can you please tell that did you have throat infection before the bumps appeared?
    Do you have any problems like acid reflux or post nasal drip?
    Do you have any smoking habit?
    Do you take any medications?
    Any difficulty in swallowing or feeling of something stuck in throat?
    Please specify your age and sex.

    Please revert back with answers..


  2. I did not have a throat infection.
    I have drainage every single morning and throughout the day. (Post nasal drip)
    I do not smoke.
    It is not difficult to swallow and only feels like there is something back there when I need to clear my throat from the drainage.
    I am. 30 year old Male

  3. Hi..
    The bumps can be due to post nasal drip..
    As of now start doing warm saline gargles.
    Take Gueifenesin containing syrup..
    Do steam inhalation.
    Use a humidifier in your room..

    Watch for a week of it improve and let me know..

    Hope this helps..


  4. So it is nothing to be concerned with?

  5. Hopefully..
    Should check after a week to see if it improve.

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