The left side of my body is noticeably larger than the right?

The left side of my body is noticeably larger than the right. Most notably my breast, ribcage, hip and buttocks. This is very new for me. I am a drug addict, a recluse, I suffer from edema, and I sleep a considerable amount. I will sometimes sleep for 48 hours straight and I will wake up to find that I am at least 10 pounds lighter. My weight fluctuates like crazy, I’m vomiting constantly.,, I need answers, please. (unpublished attachment)

Age: 29
Medications: Ability, venlafaxine, gabapentin
General Information: -crack addict
-stretched left heart valve
-depression, anxiety, severe PTSD
– victim of numerous sexual assaults
-been to the doctor, but they only checked for HIV because I am a former escort. I have never had an STI.
– I abuse crack cocaine, fentanyl, gabapentin, alcohol, etc daily
– cuts don’t heal properly
– weight fluctuation is out of control
– cysts in the lilsmof my vagina (biggest one on the left)

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  1. Based on the photo there seems to be just a slight difference – this can be due to the fact that you are using one side of your body more than the other which would explain larger muscle mass on one side. Second possibility is that you have a minor case of hemihypertrophy which is a genetic condition some people are born with that favors one side of the body to develop more than the other. This by itself is not a problem. But it may indicate you have other genetic conditions and predispositions which may predispose you to experience other medical conditions. You should discuss this with your primary care physician and see if you should have additional DNA genetic testing done.

  2. Hi.
    From your explanation it can be due to edema that can be more pronounced on left side of body.
    At time one side thst is used more cam be stronger and bulkier.
    If this condition is noticeable recently then it is probably edema andif it is present since you were young then proceed for genetic testing.


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