2 Comments on “Question: I am 13 yrs. old I have swollen lymph nodes a headache, fever of 102 and my ears ring

  1. HI Dear..
    It is Almost a throat infection or tonsilitis,May be the inner ear is involved in an infection too,,
    in this case the lymph nodes are normally stiff and inflamed..
    Get examined by a ENT doctor and he will simply prescribe an antibiotic course mostly penicillin and other anti inflammatory medications.. it will be ok soon…

  2. hi..
    its a throat infection associated with viral fever. take anti pyretic tableets, tepid sponging. rest and drink plenty of fluids. if this doesnt help, you need to start on antibiotics and vitamin tablets.
    hot saline water or betadine mouth gargles will also help.

    swollen lymph nodes are due to infection,and should go away with antibiotics.

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