Suffering from Hypothyroidism side effects, please advise?

I am male 35 years age . I am facing hypothyroidism from last four doctor advice me Euthyrox 50ug (Levothyroxine sodium)as medicine for two months. After that i take it occupational not continuously. Means I take this one week after 15 days. My all reports were narmal. But I am facing hair fall and sexual weakness.
Please guide me properly


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1 Comment on “Suffering from Hypothyroidism side effects, please advise?

  1. Hi..
    Your symptoms can be related to Hypothyroidism only..
    So my suggestion is to consult an Endocrinologist and get proper examination done and along with thyroid levels get a testosterone levels also tested..
    I suppose you need to take a continuous dose of thyroid replacement..

    Hope this helps..


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