Suffering from frequent urination for over a month, what is wrong with me?

Common Urinary Problems in Women: Frequent Urination and Urgency

I’ve been suffering from frequent urination for over a month. Symptoms were severe with associated R lower back pain,pelvic pain, and pain while urinating. I would go to the restroom every 10 minutes or so. Volume has been high most bathroom visits. Even when a small amount of urine in my bladder, I felt like I needed to go immediately. Placed on antibiotics x10 days, symptoms decreased but still present. Bathroom visits every hour to two hours. What is wrong with me?

Age: 34
Medications: None
General Information: Yes, prescribed antibiotics approximately 2 weeks ago. Antibiotics helped but symptoms still present

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  1. Hi..
    Your symptoms are pointing towards urinary tract infection.

    You should get a urine analysis done and if infection turns out positive then urine culture should be done to rule out the exact strain of organism or bacteria involved..

    Appropriate antibiotics and urine alkalizer will help in improvement.

    Also drink plenty of water..

    Hope this helps..


  2. You seem to be suffering from a UTI . You need to finish the antibiotic treatment you are following now – which I presume was given because of your UTI – If you don’t feel better speak to your doctor. Your UTI may be complicated and require the right antibiotic to work.

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