Sudden ataxia with no obvious cause?

Sudden ataxia with no obvious cause – sent for a routine head MRI results are: no structural abnormality in brain parenchyma obvious maxillary sinus cyst. Retained fluid secretions in a pneumatised left petrous apex. Still feeling terrible and don’t have a neuro apt till end of September. Is this a normal MRI result or something I should get seen quicker


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2 Comments on “Sudden ataxia with no obvious cause?

  1. Hi..
    Well Ataxia is a lack of muscle movement that can be due to damage to the part of brain like Cerebellum or spinal cord or nerve.
    It can be due to causes like multiple sclerosis, head trauma, alcohol abuse, stroke, cerebral palsy, genetics, or tumor.
    It is an Emergency condition and you should immediately consult an Emergency room and get further evaluation done.

    Hope this helps..

  2. Hi..
    Left petrosal effusion can be at times assymptomatic if it is not associated with any acute infection.
    And even it is not commonly seen to cause Ataxia.

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