Stomach Exercises at Home – Best for Man & Woman

Stomach Exercises

As you all know Stomach Exercises are the best way to be healthy ever. Bloating can be appearing due to gas or constipation in your body; due to less water intake, gas, and constipation occur. The human body contains 70% water, and if the body does not retain the desired amount, it affects your body in various ways; bloating is one of them.

Some Stomach exercises you can adopt at home daily and can quickly get rid of the bloating tummy.


Plank is one of the most effective exercises because it works on your internal core and abdominal muscles; planks increase engagement of other muscles of your body like legs, arms, stomach, and forearms, etc.

Swiss Ball Exercise:

For this exercise, you need to use a Swiss ball, put your knee on the floor and start rolling the ball on the floor with your forearms in a circular motion. This exercise is excellent for building your abs and internal, external oblique.

Boat Pose: 

Boat pose helps you to reach the goal immediately. In this, place your body in a lean shape and try to resist in a V shape. This exercise boosts your strength and helps you to maintain the balance of your body.

Stomach Exercises


Crunches always consider the most effective for belly fat or stomach also works for abdominal muscles

Skipping and Jumping:

Skipping is a fantastic cardio exercise that helps to burn calories throughout the body. It is also suitable for stomach and belly bloating.


These are some standard and practical techniques for stomach exercises. Pick up your favorite exercise and create your belly workout. You can also mix these exercises and challenge your body for better results.