Sometimes my vision in my left eye goes away, doctors have tried everything?

Sometimes my vision in my left eye goes away for about 5 min. Then comes back, it’s happened about 3 times now to me, first everything starts going dark around my eye then it closes in where i can’t see anything in my left eye, then i also get very bad migraines and doctors have tried me on pretty much everything and nothing helps.

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  1. Hi
    Your amaurosis fugax is probably caused by intermittent artery obstruction
    I recommend an angiography, to determine the cause, also aneurysm can cause same symptoms
    My opinion your problem is vascular unless you have any other conditions you did not mention
    Good Luck

  2. You need to get a brain MRI and angiography done to detect the main cause of this problem.

  3. hi,
    such transient episodes can happen due to temporary optic artery blockage or angiospasms.
    A CT angiography can help rule this out .Also a MRI brain with contrast will help rule out other causes.

  4. Lets take it step by step
    Measure ur blood pressure and blood sugar,
    Fundus examination is v imp
    Then do angiography

  5. let me ask u, how old are u??

    Are u diabetic or with any medical history ??

  6. Hi..
    Thanks for writing to us..

    The symptoms of intermittent loss of vision in one eye is known as Amaurosis fugax.
    It can be due to causes like reduced blood supply to eye that can be due to obstructed arteries, narrowing of arteries, plaque formation in blood vessels etc..
    Other causes can be stroke, acute angle closure glaucoma and even severe migraines can be a cause..
    You should get investigations like MRI, blood tests, ultrasound of neck to check for any obstruction in blood flow of major arteries,and Echocardiogram done to check for the pumping of heart to rule out the exact cause of the symptoms so that appropriate treatment can be done immediately to prevent permanent loss of vision and other complications..

    Hope this helps..


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