Question: Snow border suffers stiffness in both Achilles…can’t get to a doctor

i have been getting a pain and stiffness in both my Achilles whenever I get up from a rest, for example after sleep or after a meal, a journey sitting down etc, making it difficult to walk, it only lasts around 5-10 mins each time. It started last winter when I worked in a ski resort and snowboarded a few times a week it then stopped for a while then it started again, and most times after a sit down a few months ago, I’m not a runner or anything. Is there anything I should be worried about or anything I can do ? I can’t really get to a doctor at the moment

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  1. Hi…
    This Is possibly being due to some food and about the nature of your food… do u eat much salt?or are you getting high purines food? like meat, sea food etc..?
    if so then this may be due to uric acid and increased purines in your body… you can check it with a uric acid analysis test..
    can be treated by lowering the amount of purines in your food.and drinking plenty of water..
    otherwise it would be short calf muscle( incompetent) …or achilis tendinitis due to overload on the tendon by standing for long periods of time.
    can be treated with rest and ice for a week and mild stretching to your calf muscles every day…
    please let me know if you have any more queries.

  2. hi..
    it may be due to achillis bursitis causing inflammation at the achilles insertion at the calcaneal bone.
    it usually goes away spontaneously.
    take anti inflammatory tablets and analgesics.
    hot water fomentation twice a day will help a lot.
    use soft footwear.
    if unrelieved you can get a xray / mri done.

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