Smoke Addiction – Harmful and Dangerous

Smoke Addiction 1

Smoke Addiction is very harmful and dangerous, whatever the activity is; there are two different things; Do something for fun and have addicted to something. The usage of everything in abnormal quantity makes you addicted; smoke addiction is one of them. People think they can easily quit smoking. but tobacco is the hardest one.

Smoke Addicted Symptoms:

All tobacco products contain nicotine; it is a substance that makes humans addicted, like cocaine and heroin. If you take it, within 10 seconds, it hits the brain, and you see a sudden reaction like respiration, sudden exertion of glucose, and fast heart rate. And after some time, you fail to maintain the nicotine level in your body. You will face strange symptoms in your body like irritation, frustration, the stress. In short, nicotine will call you.

If you are not sure then ask some questions to yourself that you are smoke-addicted or not?

Smoke Addiction 2

  1. You have health issues, and still, you are failed to stop yourself from smoking.
  2. Face difficulty after trying like frustration, mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, and anger
  3. Tried hard not to attempt again, but you failed to kick this disastrous habit
  4. Start avoiding those places and social gatherings where you are not allowed to smoke.


Do you want to quit the habit of smoke addiction? Congratulations, you have done the first step. If any of the answers are yes to the above question, don’t worry if you decided to quit; try again, and if you fail, take some help from your family and friends; they will give you a healthy and physical plan to switch this habit.