Sleeping Sex; A Parasomnia or Influenced by Devil?

Sleeping Sex

Sleeping Sex is a bad thing or good? You may have heard a person walking in sleep, talking, crying, and more on; these are all parasomnia disorders (Parasomnia disorders known as sleep disorders involve arousal of an unwanted behavior or unwanted events while sleeping). But you may have never heard of a person having sleeping sex.

In sleeping sex, also referred to as sexsomnia, a person got into a sexual act without even knowing it and can’t even recall what he did. He is in the position of half-sleep and half-awake. You can say his body is awake, but his brain is sleeping; he is not consciously aware. This type of condition also falls into the category of parasomnia disorders.

When we see someone going through sleeping sex, which is a type of sleep disorder, we instantly judged him as having evil thoughts and influenced by the devil. But it is not the case. It is a severe disorder and should be treated on a clinical basis.

Sleeping Sex Case:

A recent case which we came to know about was of a Muslim boy. One day when he went with a group of scholars and was sleeping in the Masjid. He got into a sexual act with a boy sleeping next to him while sleeping. The next day when he persuaded and asked what he did the last night, he couldn’t even remember what he did. He was unaware of what happened last night because he is in a state of sexsomnia. He got expelled from this group at the point.
Many such cases also came from different other people. Some people reject sleep sex as a probability and think that the other person is making excuses; we should make such quick judgments. It’s strongly recommended to see topics such as a CLINICAL point of view that opens up many possibilities for being successfully treated.


A person having difficulty sleeping sex may start masturbating and get into a sexual act with the person sleeping next to him. Commonly seen symptoms in a person suffering from this disorder include spasms, glassy or vacant eyes, virtual sex, and no memory of these incidents after walking.


To treat this type of sleeping disorder, we must first know its causes. Fatigue and stress, as well as drug and alcohol consumption, can precipitate these types of incidents. A person’s lifestyle can also affect if he is not getting a proper diet and sleep; sleep deprivation can also affect sex drive.

Effects of Sexsomnia:

A person going through this sleeping sex disorder may have anger management issues, may feel confused, feared, frustrated, guilty, and ashamed of himself. It’s necessary for the patient suffering from this parasomnia to seek help from the doctor to eliminate these negative emotions.

Clinical Treatment:

Clinical treatment involves medication, therapy, and changing one’s lifestyle. A person suffering from sexsomnia should avoid drugs and alcohol consumption. Fix his diet and get a fair amount of sleep. Should avoid getting stress and frustrated. Clonazepam is a common and effective drug suggested by physicians.

Spiritual Treatment:

Allah already knows the weakness of a man and mentioned this in the holy Quran. Islamic teachings strongly recommend sincere and frequent dhikr (remembrance of Allah), which helps to steam line and guide the consciousness, intention, and behavior in the right path.

Chances of this Being Happen to You:

There is a more possibility of caught sexsomnia. A person is going through parasomnia disorders, obstructive sleep apnea, and any other epilepsy diseases. It happens in sporadic cases and is linked to other sleep-related disorders. Recent research shows that only 6% of people suffering from sleeping disorders caught sexsomnia, and men are three times the female.

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