Sinus issues mucous build up in nose and post nasal drip. do I need surgery

Sinus issues , mucous build up in nose and post nasal drip. Every morning coughing up mucous and blowing nose.

From the CAT scan report attached – do you think I would require surgery and if so what ?
Would there medications I could take instead.

I am currently using Nasal Saline solution for the past 6 months

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  1. hi,
    i am sorry but there is no attached report to this question.
    if the report shows any soft tissue growth or polyps within the sinuses,then u may need endoscopic surgery to remove it.
    otherwise,immune boosters with steam and deep breathing exercises will help.

  2. There is no report attached with your question,if you have a nasal polyp you can get it removed but not necessary,using saline solutions for treating chronic sinusitis is a good safe choice,you can stay on the line of safety by using also water vapour,local decongestants if needed only and sleeping elevated shoulders and head,drinking plenty of water and warm fluids.
    No drugs can help you better as they are all symptomatic treatments,unless you did not ever use steroid sprays,you can use o e for 3months..

  3. Hi..
    Thanks for writing to us..

    As per your complain the symptoms are probably due to Sinusitis..

    Please opt for a Priority service so that we can have a detailed discussion about your problem and you can also attach your investigation reports so that we can advise you appropriately for how you should proceed for the treatment..

    In case if it is due to infection in sinuses then you can be advised a course of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory painkiller like Ibuprofen, decongestants like Pseudoephadrine, do saline nasal irrigation, steam inhalation and use a humidifier in your room..
    You can also be advised decongestant nasal sprays containing Xylometazoline or Oxymetazoline..
    Avoid spicy and chilled foods..
    Do warm compresses around nostrils..

    In case of any polyps or growths in sinuses and if the problem does not resolve with conservative means then Endoscopic Sinus Surgery can be advised..

    Hope this information helps..

    Thanks and regards.
    Dr.Honey Nandwani Arora.

  4. Hi
    Assuming you have polyps , if you tried steroid drops and did not help then surgery is recommended
    Off course size and symptoms can affect the judgment
    Good Luck

  5. Regarding your question,
    There is no attached report , however, i would like you to attach report with answering the following questions
    How long have u been having those symptoms?
    Are u a smoker?
    What kinda medications have u taken previously?
    What degree of improvement have u experinced?
    Do u have any medical history.. e.g sinusitis, or any family hx ?

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