Since going through menopause I have become ill?

Hi, I am 55 and since going through menopause I have become ill to the point of non functioning. I have severe joint pain, exhaustion, high blood pressure, muscle laxity, swollen fluid filled legs, severe constipation, weight gain, headaches, intolerence to certain foods.I know I have been diagnosed with arthritis and cervical spondylosis, torn knee ligaments. I also have hot sweats that are triggered by any form of mild stress such as making a phone call.I was very active before this and am now struggling through each day. Are there any suggestions as to a main cause of all these symptoms or are they unrelated, thank you for your time, (—)

Age: 55
Medications: Tramadol, Ramipril, Propanalol
General Information: Poor memory. I have had a very stressful life previously losing a son who I cared for many years bur this was a long time ago, I also did a lot of lifting

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  1. You have indicated a number of symptoms which can and should be examined individually. But in my opinion one condition can be causing many of these symptoms – chronic stress – resulting in corticosteroids being released which can suppress immune system, cause high blood pressure, cause muscle tissue damage etc.. Consulting a therapist can help.

  2. Hi.
    Thanks for the query..

    Your symptons are more pronounced due to anxiety and stress..
    Also you need to get a detailed examination done as edema or swollen legs and other symptoms can be due to certain other causes like kidney problems, heart problems, Thyroid disorders etc
    So it is advisable to get examined by a General physician and get investigation done like Blood sugar, thyroid profile , kidney function tests, urinalysis, ECG, Echo for eliminating and confirming the causes so that appropriate treatment can be advised.
    Also start doing meditation and breathing exercises.
    Do moderate workout.
    Take more of salad and green vegetables and fibre rich foods.

    Hope this helps..


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