Since birth, I don’t recall having any sense of smell?

I am 25 years old, female from Philippines. Since birth, I don’t recall having sense of smell in anything except menthol oil and cream like Katinko and ammonia. Never been diagnose and have no physical problem nor internally in my nose. Do you know what is my problem?
When I was a child, I was diagnose of esophageal varices and undergo of reverse splenorenal shunt operation and rectal biopsy. I am anemic and only medication I take is ferrous sulphate.

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  1. This is mostly what is known as specific is a congenital disorder of no cause or due to hypothroidism.
    Acetylcystine tests are used to diagnose anosrmia..

  2. In my opinion you need alot of investigation first check your thiamine and zink levels , did you as a child use lots of antibiotics for long time ?
    Also you may need a brain ct scan to check your uncus

    Good Luck

  3. Specific congenital anosmia

    It could be heriditary isolated problem , or associated with pituitary problems as in kallman syndrome

    Give me please a detailed history about you menses

  4. hi
    this seems to be due to olfactory nerve disease. you need a detailed neurological assessment.
    local organic problems in the nose mucosa also should be rule out.

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