Should I tell my wife I have genital warts, does she have the virus?

47 year old male going thru a divorce and I have genital warts had them the whole marriage wife doesn’t have a clue should I tell her before she starts having sex with another man do you think she carries the virus she was my only partner for 24 years


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4 Comments on “Should I tell my wife I have genital warts, does she have the virus?

  1. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Genital warts are due to Viral infection and is sexually transmitted..
    So there is a possibility that your wife too is infected and can have a single wart or is not yet noticed..
    So it is better to discuss with her to avoid sexual transmission to other person..

    Hope this helps..


  2. Hi..
    I would also like to add that you should also be completely cautious if you have intercourse with another partner as you can transmit Infection..
    So using protection in the form of condom, getting proper screening done by a Physician and getting proper medication and counseling is a must..

    Hope this helps.


  3. I realize it is not fun to discuss STDs. But it was disrespectful to your wife to not tell her before. She MUST know now, before you get divorced. Her symptoms could be sub-clinical (not seen); she has the right to know.

  4. Yes, I agree that her symptoms can be subclinical as she is in a high risk that she is infected..
    So she should be examined and investigated by a Physician to avoid spreading of Infection to other partner in future..

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