Should I be worried about hiv ?

In the last 40 days i have done the following
I have visited 5 sex workers. 1st – protected blowjob , protected vaginal sex for a minute as i was scared, kissing , finished with a handjob. 2nd – protected blowjob , kissing , i fingered the girl, handjob, finished outside. No vaginal and no anal 3rd- protected blowjob , handjob, i sucked her nipples, finished outside. No vaginal no anal 4th- handjob , kissing , cuddling , no vaginal, no anal. 5th- body to body massage, handjob, finish outside. No vaginal , no anal , no kissing.

I know i have put myself under risk for sti’s and will be getting tested in a month.

My overwhelming fear is did i put myself at risk for HIV I have anxiety and depression which led me to make these decisions and i am taking help. I was tested before these experiences and i was negitive.

Should i be worried about hiv ?
I did not peform oral on any women and did not have vaginal or anal sex.
My worry is fingering , handjobs, protected blowjobs, kissing and body rubbing.

What have i put myself at risk for ?

Age: 25
Medications: none

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  1. Hello. HIV can be transmitted only if blood, semen, vaginal secretions enters through eyes, mouth, vagina, anus. Or through an open sore or cut. So unless you had an open sore or cut on your body your risk for HIV is reduced (except for the kissing if your partners had open sore). On the other hand, HPV, Herpes, and Syphilis can be transmitted through skin to skin contact. For example on your hand if you did fingering and touched infected site of person infected or on non protected areas near condom. But it seems that overall you practiced pretty safe sex. I would not be overly worried but getting tested is necessary. Regards

  2. Hi.

    As the body secretions are susceptible to transmit HIV virus and blood, semen, vaginal discharge and to a lesser level saliva can transmit HIV virus.

    So if you have fingered and if there is any open sore or a cut on the skin of the finger then there is a risk..

    However in your case as you have used protection while intercourse the risk gets lower but as you have been exposed to multiple sex partners who also must have had multiple sex partners, therefore you should get tested soon to avoid the risk..

    Hope this helps..


  3. I will be getting a full STI panel test anyway
    To my knowledge i thought i did not put myself at risk for hiv
    I will be getting that test as well
    My concern how severely if at all have i put myself at risk for HIV specifically ?
    I was tested before these exposures and i was negitive
    Do these exposures alone warrant an hiv test ?

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