Question: I’m a Nurse I may have pricked myself with a HIV needle

Hi i am a professional nurse who works at a clinic.on Friday i drew blood from a few hiv positive patients with gloves on.i know for a fact i did not prick myself as i did not touch used needles,my concern is on Saturday evening i felt like i was pricked by a needle like a bruising feeling and there is a light skin dot not even a pin prick mark but the sensation is that of a it possible i could have pricked myself at the sharps container amd not feel it?what is my risk of acquiring Hiv
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  1. hi dear..
    it seems that you may have not pricked any needle as u seem to have taken utmost precautions to avoid it.
    unknowingly though, may be a tiny prick ,even if it has happened, then tthere is rarest of rare chance of u acquiring hiv..

    to get you an hiv transmission, u need to get injected minimum of 0.2-0.4 ml blood.

    get an pcrrna test to be on safer side and take an antiviral prophylaxis as you are a professional nurse.

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