Pressure inside my head almost like something might burst?

Having different sort of headache. It feels like a lot of pressure inside my head almost like something might burst, throbbing sort of pain. It is made worse with bending over, coughing, blowing nose. Also do get occasuonal dizzy spells (often end in fainting). Also have mild scoliosis which is causing a decent amount if pain, have tried physio and chiro with no positive results. I take panadol daily average 4 for the head/back pain. Any suggestions what head pain could be? And solutions for back pain.

Age: 19
Medications: None
General Information: Seen physio/chiro for scoliosis but not head pain

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  1. Sounds as though your scoliosis is producing migraine headaches. You will need to try to identify the cause of the migraines – stress, certain foods or activities – and try to avoid them. Combining medications such as Aspirin, Tylenol and Excedrin may help with the headaches. Working with a physio and chiro is the right course of action, but if situation persists you should consult a neurologist and orthopedic surgeon to examine other possibilities. Of course an MRI would also be a sound preventive measure to rule out any other problems.

  2. Thanks for the reply, i do get occasional mirgraines and to me this pain isnt at all similar. Possible for migraines to cause different sort of pain?

  3. Yes, there are a number of different types of migraine headaches each with different symptoms.

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