Poison for Health – Various Kinds of Diseases and Addiction

Poison for Health

People who used to do smoking experience cough and various kinds of diseases that are Poison for Health. People often do not feel the difference between chest pain and lung pain due to smoking. Smokers also experience different coughs; cough occurs due to clearing the chemical from the body, and airways make their track by tobacco usage.

Sometimes, People mislead the term “lung pain,” which is hard to accept. Because the lungs have very few receptors, it can say that if a person is experiencing lung pain, it could be chest pain or other organ damage because the lungs cannot feel pain.

Poison for Health

Due to tobacco’s extreme usage, people feel pain in the chest due to various reasons like shorten of breath, cough, etc. Smokers risk their lives and increase factors to become victims of lung diseases or other illnesses like lung cancer, heart disease, mouth cancer, etc. smoking is a poison for health; it also introduces COPD in the human body, which includes:

  • Chronic bronchitis is a disease in which long-term inflammation having massive airways.it causes Coughing for an extended period
  • Lung cancer causes damage to the lungs; secondhand smoking is an enormous cause of lung cancer; the symptoms include lung infection, chest pain, cough, difficulty breathing, etc.
  • Emphysema, this condition of the lungs badly affects the lungs’ air sacs; its symptoms are depression, fatigue, sleepy, various heart disease, and unexpected weight loss.

Smoking is always the worst habit of health. If you are facing any of the other symptoms, you must concern with your doctor as soon as possible because health is everything for living.