Question: Pain returns after tethered spinal cord surgery?

In 2009, I had a surgery of a tethered spinal cord, with a lipoma of the filum terminalle.
A few months ago, I started having strong back pain again, headaches (diagnosed as tension headaches), muscle spams in my legs. More recently, i started having a very strong pain in my legs. It is stronger closer to my hips and it extends through my legs.
I haven’t taken an MRI in around 3 years.
Should I go to a neurosurgeon? Do you think my spinal cord has rethered, since i have grown quite a lot since the surgery?

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  1. Hi
    Hope this message finds you in good health.
    I have gone through your complaints and understand your concern.
    I generally see many cases like this at my clinic.I give them rest,analgesics,anti-inflammatory tablets and ice pack till the symptoms reduce to some extent. Then i get an xray and if necessary an mri done to find out the exact reason.
    In your case,there are 3 possibilities-
    POSSIBILITY 1. SOFT TISSUE INFLAMMATION- there may be no bony involvement,only the soft tissues around the region might be inflammed that may be causing the pain

    POSSIBILITY 2. NEUROPATHY- there may be a partial or complete inflammation of the nerves in that region that may be the root cause of such kind of pain.

    POSSIBILITY 3. DISC PROLAPSE-there may be a compressed a nerve in the spine somewhere that might be causing radiating pain in those regions.Possibility of a disc prolapse should be kept in mind.

    I suggest you get an Xray as well as an MRI done to find out the exact cause.
    Physiotherapy,analgesics,anti-inflammatory drugs should help till then.

    But i assure one thing, even if it is either of the above 3 possibilities,all have a good prognosis and you should eventually get back to normal in coming few days.Nothing to worry about.
    I hope your question has been answered.

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