4 Comments on “Over the past 4 months I feel like doing nothing, no energy, no drive, I also feel down?

  1. hi,
    this is not related to testosterone.
    its a form of psychological depression related to the stress.
    Avoid taking s much stress,be relaxed and calm,do meditation and yoga.
    drink plenty of fruit juices.
    Exercise regularly.
    A brisk 40 min walk early morning will help.
    Consult a psychologist if this does not work.

  2. The perfect life will never exist, ur life is nice and doing fine, and iam really impressed with your life style , i believe you are overstressed as u mentioned, try to play some sports , see new people , travel abroad with a friend,
    I recommend u to do thyroid profile, CBC,.. those are some blood tests..
    Btw, testesterone level in ur age will not decrease to the limit that can affect you, however, you can consult an andrology specialist who will hwlp you for sure

  3. In my opinion you are falling under a big stress and this can cause what you are suffering from..
    I recommend starting ASAP doing regular yoga classes,relaxation training,meditation ,walking daily in open air,also weight lifting can help raising your testosterone level but avoid taking any anabolics ..
    Do not try going medically treated with drugs unless you try life style changes and diet .

  4. Hi
    In my opinion you should first start by energy supplements like B-active and omega-3 effect should be within 2 days , if that show no help you can measure your thyroid, testosterone levels, also check your electrolytes levels
    Good Luck

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