Our 9 years old son have a long-term problems/difficulties when eating?

our 9 years old son have a long-term problems/difficulties when eating, esp. immediately after a meal. We have also observed a permanent hyperactivity, tiredness and other symptoms. 2 months ago we decided to let him check for food allergy. A blood IgE test results showed an allergy on cow milk protein with a value measured 12,6 kIU/L. The medical report marked it as a class III. allergy on milk protein. Unfortunately we have not got any type of related consulting and advice how to follow this findings. Should we absolutely exclude only cow milk or also everything where any kind of milk is included? We also have read this allergy can be dangerous, i.e. sometimes sympthomes can be signifficant and there should be always at disposal an injection. We would appreciate a lot any kind of advise how to proceed and how to keep our boy. Would you recommend also other type of second testing in order to confirm the first results? Is the class III. significant? Can it be developed in the future even higher. Is there a high chance it will be eliminated together with age?

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  1. A Class III allergy is considered as a High level of allergen specific IgE from a laboratory point of view – this may or may not correlate with actual reaction to cow’s milk in a real life setting. Avoidance of milk products will depend on how severe is the reaction. Avoidance may range from occasional – to a strict, complete intake and contact with milk and products containing milk. Also if your child has a moderate to severe reaction to cow’s milk, it is recommended to have an epinephrine type injection nearby. Normally CMA develops as a baby and disappears at 5 to 6 years of age. Coming on 9 years, your child seems to heading for a long term allergy. But nothing is certain.

  2. Hi.
    It seems your son is allergic to pritein present in cow milk commonly referred to as Cow Milk Protein Allergy.

    Class 3 is a relatively stronger reaction.

    Generally cow milk protein allergy gets resolved in the first year after birth and in some cases within 5 years.

    As he is already 9 and still have symptoms it seems like a life long allergy.

    However as he continues to grow the symptoms can become milder and it can be checked with the blood test by measuring the antibody levels and comparing with previous results.

    For now you should withdraw him from taking milk and otger milk products even from other animals like Goat milk as they contain similar kind of proteins.

    You should consult an Immunologist and a Certified Dietician and get him evaluated as appropriate nutritional supplements are needed for him.

    The Physician can advise him:
    Soy milk, calcium enriched rice, oat or nut milks may be recommended by your doctor and/or dietitian, depending on your child’s condition.
    Rice, oat and nut milks may not be an adequate milk replacement for some young children as they generally contain low levels of protein and fat.

    Please keep posted.


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