My thyroid blood results show TSH and T4 are normal but is T3 low?

Is .59 too low for t3? it says ref range iminimum is .87. My TSH and T4 were normal but I have all the symptoms of low T3 issues. I have fatigue weight gain edema thinning hair just always SOO tired. I am 22 year old female 5’4 110lbs. It is so hard to get out of bed in the morning and I am always just SO tired. I noticed my blood work always comes back with low T3 but normal TSH T4 and I am wondering if it is of concern. I don’t have insurance or a primary to ask.

Age: 22
Medications: none

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  1. Hello there!You seem to be suffering from Low T3 syndrome.It is not caused by a defect of thyroid gland but due to defects in binding of thyroid hormones to carrier protein or defects in receptors.You may benefit with T3 supplementation.I suggest that you get evaluated by an Endocrinologist. Tests like thyroid antibody tests and ultrasound thyroid may be done before seeing an Endocrinologist. Keep me posted.Best wishes!

  2. Hi,
    When T.s.h and t4 are normal ..then
    This case is called low T3 syndrome , and giving more hormones will make her case worse not better, as in usual t4 is transformed into t3 and since it is high enough then the problem could be something else, like a problem like an inflammation or an autoimmune problem which causes the t3 to become low, as t3 is affected by chronic inflammation and other problems like diabetes and gastric or gut problems…
    I need her ft3 ,ft4 , vitamin d. testsv