My spine hurts when I press on it, please advise?

For almost 3 weeks now, part of my spine hurts when I press on it. Around the area of pain feels like knots. I would breathe in around that area where my ribs are it would feel like tightness & when I would try touching shoulder blades it would feel like it’s pinching. Last year I went to PT for my muscles in back causing spine movement in my lower back.


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3 Comments on “My spine hurts when I press on it, please advise?

  1. Hi..
    -Can you please specify the exact area of pain?
    -Do you just have a feeling of knots or are there any bulges visible to naked eye?
    -Is the pain always present or occurs on any specific movement?
    -Have you got any x ray or MRI Scanning done?
    -What is your age/sex?
    -Any history of any medical problem?

    Please revert back with answers..


  2. -upper back on spine between shoulder blades.
    – there are no buldges. mostly pain when I touch it or touch my shoulder blades together
    – occurs on specific movement
    – I’ve never gotten those done
    – I’m 18, female
    – no history. Only went to PT for my back

  3. Hi Kayla..

    Pain in between shoulder can be due to causes like Myofascial pain, pinched nerve, herniated disc, joint dysfunction etc..
    But for confirmation of the cause you should consult an Orthopedic doctor and get an x ray or MRI S can done, then only appropriate cause can be ruled out..
    For now take painkillers if pain is disturbing..

    Hope this helps..


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