My son has a medical history of hydronephrosis in the kidney?

Hello, my son is 18 1/2 weeks old. We just got back from family vacation to South Carolina where he took his first airplane ride. About eight days ago I noticed that his poop was green and mucousy. After looking online I attributed it to the fact that I have reduced my pumping schedule fairly drastically and perhaps there had become an imbalance between the fore and hindmilk therefore allowing him to get more sugary fore milk and upsetting his stomach. After about three days of green poop his poop changed to yellow and Seedy, however it had and continues to have brownish-black flecks inside. After looking on Google I saw that there could be a sign of blood in the stool. At this moment I do not have Insurance so a trip to the doctor would mean that I would have to initiate cobra and that would cost me $1900. As you can imagine I’m trying to avoid that at all cost since I do not have the funds to pay that kind of bill. I’m hoping that I can get an answer as to whether you think from this description and by looking at the photo that I have attached below whether or not this appears to be blood in the stool and if you think it’s absolutely necessary for me to bring him to his pediatrician. If it appears to be somewhat normal and not a concern I can then wait for two weeks when my insurance will start back up and I will bring him to the pediatrician then. My son has a medical history of hydronephrosis in the kidney however I don’t believe this is connected. It’s probably also important to note that he only takes breastmilk aside from 2 ounces of formula that I gave him over the course of those past eight days. We did start feeding him oatmeal cereal the past two days however noticed the change in his poop prior to this as well. The picture of the diaper that you see below is from last evening after the oatmeal however we’ve seen the same types of poop diapers prior to us every feeding him oatmeal. Thank you so much for your help!

Age: 35
Medications: Sulfame
General Information: I am inquiring about my son who takes 1.4 MLs of sulfame as A preventative measure for his hydronephrosis

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  1. Hello. Difficult to say if it is blood. Darker black spots could be digested blood from nipples or could be due to breastmilk oversupply or formula intolerance. Only testing will determine the condition. In my opinion what is important in your decision is the following : Is your baby happy and acting normally or does your baby show unusual signs of discontent, abdominal pain etc. Hope this helps. Regards

  2. Thank you for tour response. Can you specify what you mean by breast milk over supply? Are you referring to the imbalance of foremilk/Hindmilk that I mentioned?

    Also do the flecks in the picture look more brownish or like the black you referred to?
    Thank you

  3. Hello. Oversupply would provide a higher ratio of foremilk rather than hindmilk so more sweet lactose intensive milk…and consequently more gas and green stools. Again, hard to say about the color of spots. Could be darker brown or somewhat black. Regards

  4. Hi.
    -Can you please tell that do you have any cracks or bleeding from nipples during or due to breast feeding?
    -Is your baby showing any signs of discomfort or being unwell like crying, not interested in feeding or rise in body temperature?
    -Is his stomach hard on gentle pressing or is it normal?
    -Are the black specs present everytime he passes stool?

    Please revert back with answers.


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