My second daughter is seven years old and has hormonal problems, please advise?

GnRh stimulation test and its results

My second daughter is seven years old. She has some hormonal problems. May be you can help us in this matter. Briefly I will describe the situation for you and attached some analyses tests:
1) Since 8 months she got treatment. I took her to endocrinologist. After analyses hormonal, Brain and Adrenal CT they decided that she has hormonal problems. Brain and adrenal CT were normal. But they said adrenal material is now so developed and it could not produce hormones normally.
2) Since 8 months doctor started treatment with hydro cortisol tablets for regulation Cortisol, DHEAS and other hormones. During 2 years my daughter got this treatment. After this they stopped it and started Norditropine injection for growing. About 2 years she got this injection. And when we discovered liver infiltration after sonography doctor stopped all treatment and said every think is ok now. About 1.5 year she did not get treatment and everything was ok. But recent 3 months we discovered the menstruation in my daughter and make test. The Estradiol level increased and after sonography we find out that she has a small cyst in uterus.
3) Additionally we mad GNRH stimulation test (0, 3 and 24 hours). LH level is under 4 but estradiol is high. Doctor recommended injection but I am hestitating because I read if LH level is under 4 it does not importatant the injection. For now doctor prescribed Medroxyprogestrone

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  1. Hi
    Why where her brain and adrenal gland checked in the first place ? And why did you do GnRH?
    Also help my understand how did we reach the point in an 8 years old to consider an LH injection?

  2. Hi..
    Can you please upload all her reports..
    I would need an evaluation so that I can advise appropriately​..
    Medroxyprogestrone will help in regulating period..
    Also I would like to know that has she also started physical signs of puberty and also what is the condition of growth of her reproductive organs and genitals?

    Please revert back with answers..


  3. Yes, I agree with Dr.Fawzy..
    LH is helpful in process of ovulation and hormone replacement in such a young age is not indicated..
    If at all it is needed it is during child bearing age group..
    She is too young for all this..

  4. kindly upload the latest lab results so i can understand the case and be able to answer you.

  5. How old is your daughter,
    It’s obvious that have suffering a Condition of adrenal insufficiency,

    Give me please a brief details about her menses

    No problem with the injection, sometimes it’s taken so suppress the cyst , it’s not dangerous

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