6 Comments on “My right leg gets numb (asleep)after 5 minutes of standing, need second opinion?

  1. Hi
    My opinion this is piriformis syndrome, physical therapy can fix your problem easly
    It is a condition Were external rotator muscle inflamation or shortening intraps the sciatic nerve
    Good Luck

  2. By the way it is not lumber problem because sitting reliefs it, and not varigous veins because it is unilateral and relieved by sitting

  3. I recommend doing all stretches of lower back,piriformis and quadratus lumborim…mostly muscle tightness ..
    See a good physiotherapist…

  4. Hi,
    these are classical signs of a lumbar canal stenosis.
    this occurs secondary to a slipped disc in the lumbar spine causing narrowing of the lateral spinal canal resulting in nerve impingement.
    An MRI of the lumbosacral spine will confirm the diagnosis.
    Physiotherapy,lumbar traction,IRT,SWD with lumbar belt and back exercises will help.

  5. I recommend u to do Doppler , it’s v easy just to exlclude any serious condition…

  6. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    The symptoms can be due to causes like spinal stenosis, peripheral artery disease etc..
    Nerve related problems can also be a cause..
    Consult a Physician and get an MRI scan done..
    Ther investigations can be advised after a clinical examination..

    Hope this helps..


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