My pregnancy is 24 weeks now, is unconjugated estriol normal?

My pregnancy is 24 weeks now. my Quadruple Marker Test was done with in 20 weeks of pregnancy. This results are Alfa Feto Protein -56.40 ng/ml , Unconjugated estriol-<0.07ng/ml , Hcg - 24122.00 mlu/ ml , Inhibin A - 588.90 pg/ ml. Is Unconjugated estriol-<0.07ng/ml rslt abnormal ? How i recover ? Age: 27 Male Medications: eltroxin 50 , speedral , folvite General Information: All test are ok. Usg anomaly scan is ok.

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  1. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Undetected levels of unconjugated estriole during second week of pregnancy are seen to cause birth defects and some other complications..

    But in a very few cases women with unexplained low or undetectable levels of unconjugated estriole levels are seen to deliver Normal babies..

    But still to be on a safer side I would suggest you to consult a Geneticist or a Paediatric Endocrinologist..

    I wish you all the best..


  2. Hi,
    Estriol should be at a certain level because it is produced by the baby. Low levels could indicate that the baby is not developing normally or has a metabolic issue preventing production of estriol. However, many other factors can lower estriol. Being overweight, having diabetes, etc can have an impact.
    Low estriol levels can often be attributed to a steroid sulfatase deficiency (enzyme), which is seen to manifest itself as a scaly skin condition called x-linked ichthyosis mainly in male fetus.
    It can also be due to ACTH deficiency or cortisol problem.
    In my opinion if all your results are good except for eu3 then all you need is to monitor the growth of your baby and the development, so if they going well… no need to worry..

  3. Hi
    Low estriol can be caused by many medications, I hope you list your medications , also I recommend every 2 week ultrasound to check on your baby, if only estriol is low like in your case, it is not alarming but you need to stay alert along pregnancy course
    I also recommend eating protein and fruits on daily bases
    Good Luck

  4. HI.Undetected levels of unconjugated estriol during second week of pregnancy may be seen in any normal pregnancy and also in pregnancy associated with birth defects and other fetal anomalies.I suggest that you will need serial ultrasounds to monitor growth and development of your baby.See a Geneticist and discuss if any other tests are needed to diagnose and confirm if this is a complicated pregnancy with fetal anomalies.The earlier the better! Best luck!

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