5 Comments on “My nose is bleeding and eyes are bloodshot red and I can’t taste my food?

  1. Hi there
    Are you on any medication ? Please check your medication for interaction between them
    If you are not on any medication then this can either allergic reaction or nasal Polyps or acute sinusitis

    Good Luck

  2. Actually I need to know your age/sex?
    Do you use and medications/drugs/alcohols?
    How long has this been?
    Do you have other symptoms?

  3. hi
    this may be due to vitamin K deficiency or bleeding disorders.
    get bleeding time,clotting time and prothrombin time checked.
    multivitamin tablets will help.
    consult a physician.

  4. this is an allergic blood reaction.
    get it tested by a physician.
    maintain hydration

  5. Use fresh tears for now, and do full opthalmological assessment

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