My MRI seems to indicate a PONS abnormality, is the case or is MRI showing UBOs ?

I had an mri in September. I have ms btw. And my Neuro thinks I’m a hypochondriac because he never explains my radiology report or has ever Let me see an mri. I didn’t see my report till well after these symptoms started over a month ago- facial numbness in the right side like novacaine or glove sensation, From two inches into the scalp down to the bottom lip and not quite to the ear, right side mouth numbness, tongue, teeth, throat, nose, eye- can’t look extreme right because eyes Will move uncontrollably, ear fullness, hear myself talk, popping noise, face jerky movement, feeling of something touching The side of my eye socket(bone)at all times, no taste, can’t swallow, weight loss, memory loss, slurred speech, double vision, spontaneous crying, low bp, cold all the time. My pain mgmt even called my neuro on my behalf. I finally have an apt next week and my MRI was 9/6. My friend is a Neuro Trauma Nurse and said my report shows the abnormality on my pons may have just been a ubo Unidentified Bright Objects but these symptoms suggest otherwise. What do you think? Am I crazy? Like I said, the symptoms came before I saw the report let alone knew what a pons was.

Age: 37
Medications: Rebif
General Information: I have ms

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  1. Hi and welcome.I read your post and report. Multiple sclerosis is a demyelinating disease and can affect any part of the white matter.It is possible to have a lesion in the pons .It can cause sensory symptoms in face.Other cause of pontine lesions in form of unidentified bright objects is herpes simplex virus infection. A detailed history,clinical examination and its corelation with test results is necessary for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Have a frank discussion with your doctor and get back to us.Take care!

  2. Hi
    All your symptoms indicate pons affected by MS lesions, also your report indicate the same
    Sorry, good Luck