My Mother gets head spins vision gets black or blurred?

My Mother gets this head spins, small head spins during daytime, I hold her head firm until spinning is gone, she wears collar too when her head gets spinning, now head spins occur during sleep and are long and vision gets black or blurred, a general physician gave her cinnarizine tablets for these head spins, it did work but now it does not so often. And to mention that after these head spins she feels vomiting too but it does not come.
Age 55+
Weight 75+
Height 5ft 8 inch

4 Comments on “My Mother gets head spins vision gets black or blurred?

  1. hi,
    this can be due to vertigo.
    vitamin B12 deficiency is known to cause this. check her levels.
    gastritis,vision problems or brain related causes also can cause these symptoms.
    she needs a detailed evaluation.

  2. She could be anemic , diabetic , havining inner ear or visual problems

    Do her fundus and visual acuity exam.
    Cbc, random blood sugar,
    ENT consultation

  3. That could be either due to a neck problem like cervical spondylosis or disc, causing vertebro basilar insufficiency or due to bppv benign positional paroxysmal vertigo..
    Get a duplex USG on neck arteries ..cervical MRI ..and see a neurologist.

  4. Hi
    This vertebrobasilar insufficiency, I recommend checking for osteophystes blocking vertebro basilar artery by doing MRI also avoid looking upwards or twisting neck (looking right or left)
    Good Luck

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