3 Comments on “Question: My knees keep swelling How can I get rid of it?

  1. Hi,
    Knees usually gets inflamed due to an inflammation of synovial capsule of the joint which may be due to different injuries in the knee..
    it would be arthritis… according to your age and weight and other factors.
    It would be a meniscial injury or cruciate ligament injury… are you an athelete or had a recent fall or injury?
    it would be rhuematic disorder.. do u have any hotness or redness.. do u have a history of cardiac issues?or penicillin therapy for ling periods..
    You should reply to this questions so i can figure out where is the problem,,,and tell your Age, activity level, weight…

  2. hi..
    there are many causes for knee swelling, it may be infection, inflammation of knee bursa, degeneration of cartilage etc,.
    get an xray / mri of the knees done to see whats the exact cause. u may also drain out the fluid accumulated and send it for micrscopic examination.

    use compression bandages,knee caps and anti inflammatory tablets with local gel application

  3. There are a number of medical causes, you’ll need to determine which one it is. But it can also be a result of bad lifestyle choices, bad diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep. The longer you wait, the worse this problem becomes.

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