My knee locked really bad where I couldn’t unlock it without horrible pain or force?

About a year ago I had an incident where my foot stayed still and the top of my leg rotated while the bottom stayed still and I have instant knee pain that I believe after a few days went away but when it happened i had to rotate my leg in an odd way to be able to stand up again. Ever since then my knee chooses to randomly lock up like that where its very painful and I can’t move or do anything until I pop it it makes a loud pop that anyone can here and it definitely hurts. I workout everyday so I can feel it randomly or if I’m about to stand up from something. But today i started to feel that pain on a whole new level nothing happened but it locked really bad where i couldn’t unlock it without horrible pain or force and it kept happening consecutively for about an hour, since then it feels sore and like its bruised on the inside, i can straighten it when its unlocked but with pain, kinda hurts to go up the stairs and it keep giving me that pain of when it needs to be unlocked but it is unlocked.

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  1. In my opinion you injured your knee meniscus , you will need an MRI to confirm , physical therapy can fix this problem , home remedy will start by avoiding closed kinematic chain exercise (like sit to stand or kneeling ) which is avoid weight on your knee , then strength your vastas medialis which is responsible for final 5% extension to correct lock mechanism , also strech your hamestring and calf muscles as they will also hinder normal lock causing meniscus crush (pop sound) which cause more injury

    I am sure 100% physical therapy in the hands of a professional can help you avoid surgery

    Good Luck

  2. In my opinion ..Your case is mostly a meniscial tear and anterior cruciate ligament partial or full tear..
    MRI is needed to confirm it and treatment options are surgical or conservative physiotherapy or both..
    Seeing an orthopedic specialist will help you the best.

  3. hi
    these are classical signs of a meniscal injury.
    get a mri done to confirm.
    u may need a arthoscopic surgery (either repair or removal ) of injured meniscus.
    consult a orthopedist.

  4. HI

  5. hello there
    a high grade meniscal tear seems to be more likely.
    get mri of the knee done at the earliest.
    splint the knee with knee brace.
    your knee may need to be surgically treated for meniscal repair

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