My job required blood test… and results failed drug test….why?

Went to ER for Heat Exhaustion. Next morning my job required blood test.. Results failed with benzodiazepines >100 .. my ? is could combo of my prescription meds with DEHYDRATION and they gave me ZOFRAM at hosp in IV cause this? My meds are : Gabapentin 300mg 2xd .Hydrocodone 7.5mg prn.Diazapam 5mg 3xd..Flexeril 10mg pm ..I also take benadryl for breathing probs..Motrin..Asprin.Tylenolprn pain.


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3 Comments on “My job required blood test… and results failed drug test….why?

  1. Hi
    In my opinion Diazapam is the cause for your positive results

  2. Hi,
    Undoubtedly it is caused by diazepam.
    This is enough to cause positive test.

  3. Hi..
    As you are taking regular doses of Diazepam and it belong to Benzodiazipine class of drugs therefore you are positive in drug test..

    Hope this helps..

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