My husband is feeling light headed, dizzy, upset stomach?

Hello, my husband isn’t feeling well. He has the following symptoms: Light headed, dizzy, upset stomach, feeling like he wants to vomit after he eats and he feels tired all the time. What could be wrong with him?

No medications


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4 Comments on “My husband is feeling light headed, dizzy, upset stomach?

  1. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    First of all get his blood pressure checked..
    Also can you tell that if he has an upset stomach then is he having loose motions or any other problems?
    Since how long are the symptoms prevailing?

    Please revert back with answers..

  2. Hi..
    If he is dizzy do not let him drive or go out alone to avoid any accidents..


  3. This has been happening at night. He doesn’t have any known health problems and is not taking any medication. Tbis issue has been happening for about a week. He has been working on a job that does require him to be outside in tbe hot sun for most of the day. He drinks lots of water throughout the day.

  4. He does not have any loose motion

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