My husband has a brown area on his lips, is this normal?

Can you look at the brown area on my husbands lip. He has had it for years and his dermatologist looked at it a few months ago. He said it was fine but it still worries me. Is this normal sun damage or something more concerning? I know it has been there for at least 6 years and hasn’t changed that I can tell at all. Thanks.
Medications: sudifed,

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  1. Hi,
    It is a hyperpigmented area due to sun exposure or smoking, vitamin b deficiency and excess iron are the frequent causes…
    Get him a vitamin b test, iron test and if he smokes he should try stopping it,

  2. Hi
    This can be Lentigo from sun exposure or can simply be due to heavy smoking or drinking too much alcohol
    Nothing serious
    My opinion this is mainly due to heavy smoking
    Good Luck

  3. That was suppose to say…. he doesn’t smoke at all or drink alcohol.
    He doesn’t smoke or drink at all but he does use smokeless tobacco pouches. Like I said it’s been there for years just looked darker to me for some reason. Is this still harmless caused by sun exposure?

  4. Hi..
    It is an area of hyperpigmentation that can be due to a number of causes..
    Please provide the following details:
    -Do you smoke?
    -Are you frequently under sun?
    -Do you take any medication?

    Please revert back with answers..

  5. Hi k,
    Yes still not a problem, though i recommend checking his vitamin b and iron levels..

  6. Responding to above answer.
    This is my husband lips, he is 36 does not smoke but uses smokless tobacco pouches. He has been in the sun a lot over the years and hasn’t been the best about wearing sunblock. This has been present at least 6 years if not more. It just seemed darker to me today for some reason. He takes a few different medications. Sulfa, lortab, adderole, sudifed, Zoloft, Flonase.

  7. Hi again
    smokeless tobacco pouches are much more dangerous than usual smoking, I recommend having a dermatologist check it to make sure it is no cancerous, colour getting darker alone is not alarming unless you think it increased in size
    Take it seriously
    Good Luck

  8. He went to the dermatologist a few months ago and he said it was nothing. He also visits his dentist every 6 months for regular cancer screenings. So should I still be concerned?

  9. Hi..
    It does not look anything serious.
    It is just hyperpigmentation that I can assess..
    Also I would like to tell you that if it becomes elevated or increased in size then better consult an Oral Surgeon..


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