5 Comments on “My hand went numb today?

  1. It is probably a ganglion cyst ,causing pressure over the nerve ,it is treated with excision surgery..
    You need to see an orthopedic surgeon.

  2. They are gangion cyts , you should have them surgically removed , its an easy surgury absolutely no risks involved

    Good Luck

  3. hi
    i hope these are not painful.
    most probably these are ganglion cysts and usually these go away by simple compressive massage maneauvers.
    get a ultrasound scan done if the size increases.
    intra-lesional aspiration with steroid injection into the cyst will help .
    surgery has high chances of recurrence and should be avoided.

  4. Ganglion cysts…

    Usually it disappears alone, but if increased pain or did not resolve , you can undergo aspiration or surgical removal..

    It can recurr again , but no worries, benign condition

  5. these are tiny ganglion cysts.
    surgical removal of the cysts is to be done if they become painful.
    otherwise you can leave them as they are.
    compression bandages over the cysts can avoid increase in their size

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