My GP told me that I have very low blood pressure and anemia?

Hi! I am 30yr old.Last year my GP told me that I have very low blood pressure and anemia. She prescribed me iron supplements which after a long pause I started again last week.
3 weeks ago me and my husband moved to a new house after months of frustrating search and all the rest.
For the last few weeks I can`t sleep, lost a lot of wight, getting groggy very fast, loosing concentration. Just no will, no power, no strength to get up and go to work but no rest either. The other day I nearly fainted. My vision got blurred, I was very dizzy and disoriented and dropped on the ground. i got so scared that I got a horrible panic attack.
Is this because my low blood pressure? What to do? I can miss more work and can`t get a doctor`s appointment any time soon.
Please, help!

Age: 30
Medications: Iron supplements

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  1. First and foremost, low blood pressure and anemia can be a serious – so you should take care of it and follow your doctor’s recommendations. Second – yes these seem to symptoms caused by low blood pressure and anemia. To help relieve these symptoms you need to bring your iron levels back to normal with iron supplementation. You can also try to increase your salt intake levels, drink more water, take your time when standing, avoid straining, lift your head using a pillow when sleeping in bed. But most important – work with your Doctor to confirm and identify the exact cause of the anemia – is it due to iron deficiency, related to menstrual flow, blood loss or some other cause? I think it is important to take the time and effort needed to take care of this.

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