5 Comments on “My fourth toe has been amputated, is surgery possible to bring the remaining toes together?

  1. Yes it is possible by removing the 4th metatarsal bones but it is not recommended as it can cause complications like flat foot which can cause ankle knee and back pain

    Good Luck

  2. This is going to cause mechanical defect in your feet,ankle and even at higher level..it is possible surgically but it is not good as the area of contact with the ground will decrease and so the load over ankle bones and foot bones will increase causing early arthritis and pain..

  3. i
    its practically possible but it will require a extensive surgery and may lead to long term complications on your body equilibrium and foot architecture.
    better to avoid.

  4. should be done only for cosmetic purpose.
    better to avoid such surgeries as they have horrible results

  5. I think its gonna be better if you add another finger with a plastic surgery instead of the amputated one

    But to get the other fingers closer , its gonna cause you troubles with balance and much more disfigurememt…

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